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So What if You Don’t Take Your Medicines? – The Risks

Have you heard your aging loved one comment about the number of medications they need to take on schedule? This is only one of the signs that you need to consider to evaluate whether they need assistance in medication adherence or not. As providers of in-home care in Irvine, California, we help you ensure that … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Housekeeping Assistance for Seniors

Where do you picture yourself living on your retirement years? If your answer is your very own home and community, count yourself among the 87% of American seniors who prefer to live their aging years in their own abode. Seniors living in their aging years at home is in fact not surprising. Indeed, we value … Continue reading

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4 Fun and Engaging Activities for Seniors

Some people would think that there aren’t a lot of fun activities for elderly individuals anymore given their lower levels of dexterity and the health conditions they are facing due to old age—however, that’s where they are wrong. When before, activities for seniors are often just limited to Bingo Nights and television, today, there are … Continue reading

Why Choose Senior Non-Medical Home Care in California?

As your loved ones get older, they may need help and assistance in performing the many tasks of day-to-day life and this would require having someone around to provide them with the right care and support. This isn’t always possible for you or other family members to do, especially if you work full-time and would … Continue reading

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Tips on Taking Proper Care of Seniors with Dementia

Dementia is characterized as the deterioration of a person’s cognitive functioning—that is, thinking, remembering, and reasoning—and behavioral abilities. Although it is usual for individuals reaching their late, elderly years, it is definitely not something to be taken lightly, as it affects a person to such extent that it interferes with their daily life and activities. … Continue reading

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3 Advantages of In-Home Care Services for Your Senior Loved Ones

It is usually a tough decision to make when choosing the best option for your elderly loved ones—as they grow older and need more care and support— as we have to consider a lot of things such as the type and quality of care they are getting, and the people who will be working and … Continue reading

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