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4 Fun and Engaging Activities for Seniors

4 Fun and Engaging Activities for Seniors

Some people would think that there aren’t a lot of fun activities for elderly individuals anymore given their lower levels of dexterity and the health conditions they are facing due to old age—however, that’s where they are wrong. When before, activities for seniors are often just limited to Bingo Nights and television, today, there are tons of activities that can keep seniors active and stimulated no matter what their interests and abilities are.

Whether your elderly loved one is residing in an assisted living facility or has chosen to remain at home under live-in care in Irvine, California, the following activities work to keep their body and mind active and are a great way to pass the time:

  1. Wii Sports

    Your elderly loved one may not be able to play strenuous sports, such as basketball or football, but that doesn’t mean they could no longer have the experience that comes with it. With Nintendo’s Wii Sports, seniors get to play interactive sport video games but instead of using a joystick, they have to move their bodies in order to play! This way, they don’t only get to have fun and simulate the experience of playing sports but they are able to exercise as well.

  2. Gardening

    Gardening offers a lot of benefits for seniors; for one, it is an outdoor activity that doesn’t really require a lot of effort but can still give one the physical activity their body needs. It also provides a calming effect which helps to relieve stress and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Lastly, it offers a stimulating activity for your loved one’s creative skills—allowing them to express themselves.

  3. Group Walks

    Even if your elderly loved one is living independently or with assistance from providers of in-home care in Irvine, California, they can still benefit a lot from walking in groups. Walking provides good exercise for the mind and body and helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Walking in groups, especially, provides a social outlet for your senior loved one and can prevent feelings of anxiety and depression.

  4. Book Clubs

    Reading, long conversations, and puzzles have been proven time and time again to help prevent dementia or even help alleviate the symptoms for seniors who already have it. It is a great idea, therefore, for your senior loved one to participate in a book club where they can meet and socialize with other people while discussing about books they have read. They can then exchange stories and books and keep their minds stimulated.

Live Life at Home is your trusted partner for non-medical home care in California. We comprise of a team of reliable and efficient caregivers who are not only trained to provide personalized care to your elderly loved ones but are also willing to offer companionship and support, especially in the various activities, hobbies, or interests your senior loved one will take up. You can count on us to keep your loved one properly cared for and happy.

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