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So What if You Don’t Take Your Medicines? – The Risks

So What if You Don’t Take Your Medicines? – The Risks

Have you heard your aging loved one comment about the number of medications they need to take on schedule? This is only one of the signs that you need to consider to evaluate whether they need assistance in medication adherence or not. As providers of in-home care in Irvine, California, we help you ensure that your loved one adheres to their medications.

If not, your aging loved one can be put at the following risks:

  • Hospitalization or Re-hospitalization

    Illnesses and pains occur at the aging season which is a normal occurrence in life. When they have pre-existing conditions or having painful episodes, they will be prescribed with medications that will help to treat or alleviate what ails them. When they don’t adhere to these medicines, the illness can get complicated, prompting ER visits or hospital admissions. When the medication is prescribed after being hospitalized, non-adherence can also trigger complications which can result in re-admissions.

  • Surprise Attack

    Some age-related illnesses, such as heart problems, can come as a surprise attack when the regular maintenance medications were not taken. These “attacks” can be life-threatening to some. However, these can be prevented when the prescribed meds are adhered to.

  • Health Complications

    Some diseases are also progressing along with age. Medications are intended to prevent the quick progression if not to outrightly cure the illness. When they don’t take the medications as prescribed, the possibility of heightened complication is at hand. For this reason, the presence of a care provider giving non-medical home care in California can ensure that your loved one is taking their medications as prescribed and scheduled.

  • Low Quality of Life

    Illnesses in the aging years can really put your loved one’s life at a great challenge. Painful episodes can discourage them from going out and spend time with friends. Feeling weak can result in depressive emotions, which can result in further debilitating health conditions. When they’re also frequently ailing, they will have reduced time of enjoying outdoor trips, exercises, and other activities that may have otherwise been beneficial for their overall wellbeing.

There are many ways that you can help an elderly loved one to take their medicines on schedule. One of these is to hire a care provider who can provide live-in care in Irvine, California. This way, someone can diligently assist and ensure their adherence for their overall wellbeing and safety.

Other tips to ensure medication adherence includes the following:

  • Using a pill organizer to check the medication’s schedule
  • Set up a personal alarmed reminder
  • Post reminders in conspicuous areas at home
  • Create a medication intake routine to easily follow
  • Request a family member to remind your loved one for their medication

At Live Life At Home, you can have reliable support for your loved one’s aging years especially when they need assistance and reminders in taking their medications.

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