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How To Find Comfort In Your Home

Since inception, Live Life At Home has been partnering with families to look after their elderly loved ones. We are non-medical home care in California with experienced and trained healthcare professionals who can provide suitable care for seniors. Some of them have health conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and stroke among others. We … Continue reading

How to Cut Costs on Home-Based Senior Care

As we continue to make the living conditions of our senior loved ones at home more comfortable and manageable, we may have also entertained other care options such as in-home senior care. However, these matters require financial responsibility. Are you ready to meet this requirement? Thankfully, selecting agencies or professionals who provide non-medical home care … Continue reading

So What if You Don’t Take Your Medicines? – The Risks

Have you heard your aging loved one comment about the number of medications they need to take on schedule? This is only one of the signs that you need to consider to evaluate whether they need assistance in medication adherence or not. As providers of in-home care in Irvine, California, we help you ensure that … Continue reading

The Benefits of Housekeeping Assistance for Seniors

Where do you picture yourself living on your retirement years? If your answer is your very own home and community, count yourself among the 87% of American seniors who prefer to live their aging years in their own abode. Seniors living in their aging years at home is in fact not surprising. Indeed, we value … Continue reading

Why Choose Senior Non-Medical Home Care in California?

As your loved ones get older, they may need help and assistance in performing the many tasks of day-to-day life and this would require having someone around to provide them with the right care and support. This isn’t always possible for you or other family members to do, especially if you work full-time and would … Continue reading

How to Help Your Senior Loved Ones When It Comes to Incontinence Care

Incontinence is a condition wherein a person does not have control over urination or when relieving themselves. This is a pretty tough topic to tackle but it’s important that we are aware that such concern exists. A lot of senior individuals often have this condition. At times, incontinence can lead to embarrassing situations both at … Continue reading