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How to Cut Costs on Home-Based Senior Care

how-to-cut -costs-on-home-based-senior -care

As we continue to make the living conditions of our senior loved ones at home more comfortable and manageable, we may have also entertained other care options such as in-home senior care. However, these matters require financial responsibility. Are you ready to meet this requirement?

Thankfully, selecting agencies or professionals who provide non-medical home care in California is no longer as costly as we thought. There are many cost-saving options that you or your loved one can take advantage of so that their care needs can be supplemented. Here are the most common cost-cutting alternatives:

  • Government-based Benefits

    The government has set aside funding for eligible seniors who need financial assistance in receiving home-based care.


      These are government-funded programs that provide coverage for the care of seniors once they meet certain requirements. Included in the eligibility requirement is the senior person’s personal income. Talk with your local office to inquire whether you’re eligible or not.


      Former soldiers who have been released from active service on good grounds can be eligible to receive veterans benefits that will also cover in-home care. These are also granted to the veterans’ spouse. To learn of your eligibility, visit the VA office nearest you.

  • Private Insurance

    When you’re in need of live-in care in Irvine, California, you can also give payments through insurance policies such as the following:


      This healthcare policy is ideal to prepare once you’re younger, as it can be more expensive the older you become. If you have invested for this earlier, you can already take advantage of this policy for your long-term in-home care needs.


      This insurance policy is dedicated to the benefit of the client’s survivors in the event of their passing. However, some insurance companies can make special arrangements when the need for in-home care becomes essential. The key is to confirm and coordinate with your policy provider.


      While this insurance is specifically designed for your health emergencies, you can also request for home care provisions depending on your policy provider. It’s best to discuss this option with them.

  • Personal Savings

    Aside from outside assistance, paying for the services on in-home care in Irvine, California can also be settled with:


      When you have saved early on, this can be a great time to make use of your savings to cut costs on your senior care.


      Your family members can also pool together their financial resources to supplement your care expenses. However, this can be something that you all have to agree on.

To assist you with matters of senior care especially based at home, you can partner with our team at Live Life At Home. Our experienced care providers are ready to respond to your loved one’s needs so they can have a quality life in their senior years.

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