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Dear Granny, Here are Transportation Options that Make Grocery Shopping Easier

Dear Granny, Here are Transportation Options that Make Grocery Shopping Easier

Independence is a big deal for every person no matter the age. But when a person approaches the senior years, their sense of independence is posed with age-related challenges. Simple errands such as dishwashing or grocery shopping can be difficult to achieve. Can you relate with these scenarios?

In our experience of providing in-home care in Irvine, California, we have found special strategies that promote a senior’s independence, while keeping them safe at the same time. Consider the important errand of grocery shopping. Here, we share with you some transportation strategies that make shopping easier and more convenient.

  • Hire a transportation service
    If you no longer have the physical capacity to drive on your own, why don’t you get a non-medical transportation service? These services have competent drivers who can ensure your safety and convenience all throughout the ride. Plus, they can also drive you to other outdoor destinations such as doctor’s appointments, church events, and family gatherings.
  • Take public transportation
    The public transportation is also a viable option, especially if they are easily accessible in your location. Since it’s a public vehicle, you can be assured of safety when you’re with other passengers. These vehicles also follow a defined route, so you can easily remember how to go back. Fare rates are also more affordable.
  • Ask for volunteer drivers
    When public transportation is quite challenging from your home, you can make use of online tools. Connect with charitable organizations who provide volunteers in assisting seniors like you. Some of these services include voluntary driving. You can trust that these volunteers will be more than glad to keep you company on the ride and back.
  • Share a ride
    There is also the ride-sharing option which is more ideal for seniors who are savvy with the mobile phone usage. If you can easily navigate yourself through the cellphone applications, you can conveniently book a ride-sharing service so you will still have a smooth trip to the grocery store and back.
  • Another person’s assistance
    Since grocery shopping is a regular activity, as frequent as every week, you can benefit from the assistance of a homemaker from a company that provides non-medical home care in California. These people are competent to keep you company and do the errands for you. On top of that, they can also help you with other home chores to keep you safe from any untoward injuries.

What do you think about these options, Granny? Are they helpful to you? If you’re looking for regular assistance at home not just for grocery shopping, our staff is here. At Live Life At Home, you can trust us to provide a more convenient and safe living option at home every day. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us when you need our services.

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