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Senior Living Hacks: Tips for Maintaining Good Hygiene

Senior Living Hacks Tips for Maintaining Good Hygiene

Senior hygiene is just as important as taking care of our health. Being able to maintain a good personal hygiene can vastly improve our mood and our emotional disposition. It keeps us positive and it reminds us that aging should not be a barrier to taking good care of ourselves.

Live Life At Home, a provider of In-Home Care in Irvine, California, offers a wide variety of senior care services. But our personal care and hygiene stand out. We have skilled and friendly caregivers who will take good care of your senior loved ones. We make sure that we do not only provide a complete personal care for your seniors but we also become their friends.

Here are some tips that we use in our own care plans to make our services more appealing to our seniors:

  • Set a routine that is agreeable to your patient
    Before each start of a caregiving session, each caregiver is tasked to prepare a care plan for their patients. If you are a caregiver assigned to a senior who merely needs companionship and assistance with daily living, then this may be helpful for you. As you assess and get to know your patient, you will be able to determine the kind of help they need from you. Setting up a routine that works for you and your patient is advantageous. If a person lets a day go by without having a routine, it messes up their whole day. It could affect their mood and productivity. Thus, it is important that we set a time for bathing, grooming, eating, and doing fun activities. This makes our seniors excited for the next day.
  • Consider the choices of your patient
    Another effective tip for senior care is that you consider the opinion of your patient. One thing that sets home care from the others is that it offers a certain type of independence for seniors. It gives them a sense of freedom to move and do things. When you are planning or when you want to let them try new things, it is best if you ask them if they are comfortable with it. Moreover, you also have to see to it that they are physically able to complete such task.
  • Be serious about your patient’s hygiene
    Perhaps, every caregiver is aware of the importance of having proper hygiene among seniors. Being clean and sanitized keeps them away from airborne and sanitation problems. It helps them stay healthy both physically and mentally. Thus, if you see that they need to take a bath every day or they need to keep a healthy body, you must be firm with their diet and work out plan because this will be the indicator whether your care plan is successful or not.

Personal hygiene is not just limited to the young ones. Even the senior patients need to take care of themselves because it keeps them from sickness and germs. Our personal care at Live Life At Home, a provider of Non-Medical Home Care in California, is one of the best providers when it comes to the needs of the patient.

To experience our one of a kind personal care services for seniors, you can check our website for queries at or call us at 949-870-5655.

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