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How to Encourage a Senior Loved One to Go Outdoors

How to Encourage a Senior Loved One to Go Outdoors

For some of our aging family members, the outdoors is not as enticing. The resistance can be caused by a lot of factors, which include mobility issues and psychological concerns. However, there are plenty of health benefits that your loved one can miss out when they don’t spend some time outdoors.

When your family member is a bit resistant about heading out, you can start with some little efforts. As your provider of non-medical home care in California, we would like to suggest the following ideas so that your loved one will eventually like the idea of heading out. Consider the following:

  • Accompany your loved one to sit by the window every morning or late afternoon.
    You can talk about anything or you just keep them company while they have some tea. This can get them exposed to the fresh air outside, and eventually, might interest them to go outdoors.
  • Keep them company in spending time at the backyard or at the front porch if your loved one has these areas at home.
    Some seniors are hesitant to go outdoors because they don’t want to meet some people. Time at the backyard is a good compromise so that they can be outdoors while not meeting other people but you.
  • Create a garden near their home.
    You can plant some flowers, healthy crops, or any plant that your loved one likes together. They will have something to keep them busy and, at the same time, get the opportunity to spend time outdoors.
  • Find a way that their hobbies indoors can be done outdoors or at least near the outdoors.
    If your loved one enjoys knitting, get them to knit at the porch or by the window. The constant exposure to the outside can help them feel relaxed about being outdoors. They can also be accompanied by professionals providing in-home care in Irvine, California.
  • Install safety measures at home.
    Your aging loved one may be hesitant to leave their home because they are concerned about safety and security. You can install security measures to give them peace of mind so that they can have the confidence to go outdoors.
  • Arrange a family gathering outside the home.
    Being with the family can also be interesting for our senior loved ones. You can discuss with your family about setting up a gathering that will be done outside. This can give them an opportunity to head outdoors and experience something meaningful with the family.

Whenever you and your loved one are outdoors, ensure that their safety is also preserved. Be mindful about the areas they walk on to avoid the risks of falls. It can also be helpful to let a provider of live-in care in Irvine, California to assist them. With constant assistance, your loved one can feel safe about doing their activities outside.

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