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5 Tips to Create a Safe and Friendly Environment for Our Senior Loved Ones

5 Tips to Create a Safe and Friendly Environment for Our Senior Loved Ones

To help our senior loved ones live more comfortably at home, Live Life At Home, an in-home care in Irvine, California, elaborates a few tips on how families can help their senior loved ones live more comfortably. To start off:

  1. Find a trusted care service. For the California area, we highly recommend the live-in care in California provided by Live Life At Home. Not only do we provide live-in care, but we provide the following services that will contribute to the creation of a safe and friendly environment for your loved one. To elaborate on live-in care service, we just want to emphasize how your senior loved one needs not to be alone during the day or just alone in general. With our live-in care services, we can be more attentive to taking care of your loved one and help avoid and lessen the risk of common accidents such as falls and slips.
  2. Check the safety of your home, especially when your senior loved one is left alone during the day. Allowing care professionals to inspect the safety of your home can also be a better option. With the help of care professionals, they can identify elements in your home that may post threats to your loved one’s safety. Along with this, they can also provide advice on how to make your home safer for your senior loved one. Commonly, stairs, slippery floors, and potential items that may accidentally fall are one of the most common threats to a senior loved one’s safety.
  3. Prepare a reminder or an alarm for your loved one for taking his/her medicine. Forgetting to take medications is nothing new, yet, it still happens. Let’s do the simple courtesy of preparing an alarm for our loved ones to remind them to take their medication. There are many types of alarms and they can even be placed beside your loved one’s medication along with a bottle of water.
  4. See to it that your loved one has enough essential supplies and is left with ample meals that need only reheating. It would perhaps be better to leave our loved ones with meals that don’t require reheating as well. This makes it easier for them to eat. For preferred meals, talk it out with your loved one and note down his/her suggestions.
  5. Give your loved ones an easy means of communication. Teach your loved one the basics of calling using a speed dial in cases of emergency or even just for an idle chat. This allows your senior loved one to notify anyone who can immediately respond to his/her needs, requests, or emergencies.

Let’s take care of our senior loved ones and come up with more ways of making their daily living easier and more comfortable. For more tips, call 949-870-5655 or visit us at

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