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Dementia Care: 3 General Pointers When Looking After Your Aging Parent Who Has Dementia

Dementia Care 3 General Pointers When Looking After Your Aging Parent Who Has Dementia

Dementia affects a lot of aging adults. At times, the decline in their memories and cognitive functions make people forget names, people, places, and even tasks they used to do before. At the same time, they may exhibit changes in their behaviors.

Caring for an aging parent with dementia is indeed challenging. You will have to deal with a lot of situations related to the disease. Whether you are engaging non-medical home care in California for your aging loved one or you will be taking care of him or her yourself, here are pointers you can follow:

  • Understand that behavioral changes from part of the disease.

    The more you understand this, the more you will also take it easy on yourself. It definitely is of no use arguing with a loved one with dementia as he or she believes what his or her brain believes.

  • Promote clear communication between you and your loved one.

    People with dementia get confused easily. That is why communication should be kept clear at all times. You have to state your message clearly to your aging parent and allow him or her time to process such message. If you are asking him or her a question, keep it simple. A question answerable by either a yes or no is best. Also, when offering options, keep these options as minimal as possible, at around 2 choices.

    Since people with dementia also get distracted quite easily, make sure to get his or her full attention on you first before talking. Minimize distractions by turning off the TV or radio or leading him or her to a quiet room.

  • Anticipate wandering.

    Many individuals with dementia often wander and get lost due to a number of reasons. They may be bored or are looking for something or someone. You need to have precautions in place to reduce the likelihood of wandering and its effects.

    You might want to make sure that all doors are locked during the night when everyone is asleep. Locks should be high up where he or she can’t reach it. This way, your aging parent will not likely step outside and wander. Installing a security system in your home will be a great help, too.

    If possible, put labels on his or her clothes or have a medical ID bracelet worn on the patient’s wrist. In case he or she wanders far, your neighbors or other people can get in touch with you when they find your aging loved one wandering alone.

It will also help if you engage live-in care in California to look after your parent with dementia.

With our services for in-home care in Irvine, California, we can help you and your family worry less about the health and safety of your aging parent who has dementia.

At Live Life At Home, our team of qualified caregivers will devote their skills, time and effort to making your loved one safe, healthy and comfortable at home.

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