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Bathing and Dressing Tips for Alzheimer’s Patients

Bathing and Dressing Tips for Alzheimer’s Patients

Older adults who have Alzheimer’s disease often lose the ability to take care of themselves. In the initial stages, they may just need someone to remind them of what to do. As the disease progresses, however, they will increasingly need support from their families. They may even need live-in care in Irvine, California.

Over time, individuals will need more support than ever. Personal care may already become the responsibility of the family caregivers or the providers of in-home care in Irvine, California.

There are tips you can consider to help your loved ones who have Alzheimer’s disease with their personal care. Make sure that you still promote their dignity, privacy, and a certain level of independence.

Providing Bathing Assistance

A lot of caregivers find it difficult to navigate through the task of bathing older adults. Of course, bathing is an intimate and personal experience. Your loved ones with Alzheimer’s may resist you at first.

Most of the time, these individuals suffer from the discomforts that arise from bathing. Also, they may be confused and cannot remember why they need to take a bath. In this case, here are tips you can use:

  • Keep the bathroom safe for your loved ones through safety modifications.
  • Prepare bath supplies and clothes beforehand.
  • Bathe your loved one at times where they are least resistant and more cooperative.
  • Divert the attention of your loved ones by having conversations.

Providing Dressing Assistance

The dressing is also an important personal care task. But, your aging loved ones may find the task overwhelming. With different choices of clothes, choosing what to wear may be difficult for them. This is because they can easily get confused.

At the same time, they often are not flexible enough to get into certain clothes. For instance, they will most likely find pants with buttons difficult to wear.

A provider of non-medical home care in California can assist your loved ones in wearing the clothes. You can also do the following:

  • Make sure that their wardrobes mostly include clothes that are comfortable and easy to put on.
  • Provide them with only two options for clothes to wear for the day.
  • Organize the clothes in the closet in a safe manner. This means not stacking clothes too high.

The caregivers at Live Life At Home help your loved ones complete their personal care tasks at home. If you or your loved ones need our help, please contact us today!

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