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What’s There to Know About Parkinson’s Disease?

What’s There to Know About Parkinson’s Disease?

According to studies, the second most common age-related nerve degenerating disease after Alzheimer’s disease is Parkinson’s disease. Diagnosis has shown that people over the age of 60 commonly have it, which is the reason why it is also known as an older person’s disease. Patients need specialized treatment and care due to the complexities that come along with it. Fortunately, Live Life At Home can cater to Parkinson’s patients through in-home care in Laguna Hills, California.

Taking care of the elderly with Parkinson’s can be challenging. But, our caregivers have received proper training to provide our patients with non-medical home care in California. They are knowledgeable about the disease and are aware of its symptoms. Even though there is no cure for this illness, they know how to effectively manage, supervise, and take care of patients.

As there are both motor and non-motor symptoms for this disease, our care professionals are ready to aid patients with mobility difficulties, tremors, rigidity, and lack of balance and coordination. For patients with impaired memory or thinking, our staff can facilitate their medication to make sure they take their medicine at the right time. Moreover, our care staff provides meal preparation services to our elderly patients, considering that they need a specialized meal to intervene with disease progression. Lastly, our caregivers can assist our patients with their activities of daily living, including bathing, grooming, and dressing.

It is important to understand that as the disease progresses, the care demand also increases. Hence, the role of caregivers constantly changes. As a provider of live-in care in Laguna Hills, California, we will take full responsibility to serve our patients with Parkinson’s disease.

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