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What’s There to Know About Light Housekeeping

Having a clean house is important, not only to keep things tidy but also to promote good health and well-being of the entire family. A clean and organized home creates a healthy and happy environment. It makes everyone feel at ease and helps eliminate stress caused by a chaotic environment. However, doing household chores can … Continue reading

Tips to Prevent Falls and Injuries

Fall prevention equates to injury prevention. Research has shown that falls are the number one cause of injuries in seniors. Falling may result in hip fractures, cuts, and even serious head and brain injuries that can be fatal. As a provider of in-home care in Laguna Hills, California, allow us to help you find a … Continue reading

4 Tips to Deal with an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Many families often feel overwhelmed and devastated when a loved one receives an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. Families wonder what lies ahead for their loved one, and what challenges they may have to face. However, once the initial shock has worn off, it is important to take action. As an experienced provider of Alzheimer’s care and … Continue reading

Planning and Creating Meals for Your Senior Loved Ones

Aging leads to several physical, emotional, and mental changes for people. As people age, they also often experience a decline in many of their capabilities. Most older adults even take advantage of live-in care in Laguna Hills, California for help in their house chores to cope with the changes of aging. Seniors and Unhealthy Food … Continue reading

Bathing and Dressing Tips for Alzheimer’s Patients

Older adults who have Alzheimer’s disease often lose the ability to take care of themselves. In the initial stages, they may just need someone to remind them of what to do. As the disease progresses, however, they will increasingly need support from their families. They may even need live-in care in Laguna Hills, California. Over … Continue reading

Causes of Appetite Loss in Seniors

… and how you can address them. The loss of appetite in seniors is a major concern especially because their nutritional needs increase as the years pass by. When they don’t like to eat, health complications may occur as their immune system also declines. Hence, it is vital that family caregivers are aware of how … Continue reading